Working for the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining, a small professional awarding body operating within the organisation required a rebrand concept. As an awarding body, PIABC offers a suite of accredited and nationally recognised qualifications in packaging; kitchen design; furniture; and timber and wood.

There was a keen interest in ensuring the heritage of PIABC was retained within the refreshed identity. This was addressed primarily through evolving a vibrant, isometric pattern previously associated with PIABC for over a decade. The simplification of this pattern, as well as the modular way in which it was formed, helped to inform the logo design, built around symbolism associated with progression and education.

Block coloured orange features heavily across stationary in order to further distinguish the identity from competing bodies, contrasting well with coloured version of the logo throughout the branding, and allowing prominence to a powerful mono logo mark without interference from further graphic devices.

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