Wrap around cover illustration for MaDE, the magazine for the materials and design exchange, by the Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN). The magazine covers the latest scientific advances across various areas of the materials industry, alongside their applications through the latest most forward thinking designs. One of the most prominent features of the issue is an article covering the 2014 World Architecture Awards, which informed and inspired the design of the cover.

The Yalikavak Marina Complex in Turkey formed the starting point of the illustration, infused with devices and elements referencing more of the architecture showcased in the article. With the idea being to create a composition which would accentuate and afirm the visually surreal structures, intuitive and impossible shapes were created and intertwined with the structure to create an environment capable of evoking intrigue in the reader sufficient enough to draw them into the content of the publication.

Foil blocking was used for the logo to compliment the vibrant and varied colour pallette of the cover, with the perspective of the viewer adding another dimension to the design. The use of foil was then echoed on the reverse using the circular forms also seen on the front to deliver the same benefits. An illusion of enhanced depth was created by excluding some of the overlapping shapes from the foil, adding a level of detail impossible without this printing process.

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