Responsive redesign concept of Creative Review's website. Designed with the primary aim of enhancing user experience through visual hierarchy and filtered content. The design retains established devices such as stroked outlines and a clean aesthetic, while expanding upon the associated red hue and rectangular iconography.

Built principally from mobile upwards, the design ensures consistent usability across all platforms and viewport sizes. The content filters allow users to tailor the initial content which appears below. They begin housed in the cascading menu on mobile devices. The filters expand out in to a priority position on tablet and desktop browsers, prompting users to engage in customising their experience early.

Apercu Pro is employed across the design, primarily chosen to contrast with the sharp angles of rectangular devices, and for its digital display clarity. The design relies on block shades of tonal grey to separate content, working alongside the CR red hue to emphasise calls to action and create visual priority.


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